Bitter Winter With Heavy Snow Breeds Costly Fires

Issue 2 and Volume 101.

Bitter Winter With Heavy Snow Breeds Costly Fires Record Fire Losses of 1947 Continue, Spurred by Frigid Weather; Large Part of Country Involved A STAFF REPORT AS THE bad news of the record-high fire losses of 1947 was being released, unseasonably bitter weather blanketed most of the country, accompanied by punishing and costly fires which taxed the nation’s nre service. Beginning with Dec. 26. the day after Christmas, when many Eastern sections were buried under the worst snowfall in their history, and continuing through January, heavy sleet, freezing rain, slush, more snow, and unseasonal lowtemperatures with blizzard conditions, kept fire fighters and other municipal emergency services working overtime. The widespread, unprecedented cold resulted in fuel shortages, with consequent increase in fires caused by use of improper heating fuels and equipment. Snow and ice conditions crippled fire communications, slowed fire department response and fire fighting operations and increased accidents to men…

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