What’s Burning

Issue 3 and Volume 101.

What’s Burning THE following list includes fires of $10,000 loss and over in the United States and Canada for the month of February, 1948. Month Ending February 29, 1948 Monmouth Beach, N. J.—Main bldg, and two boats at Jerolamon Boat Works destroyed. Albany, N. Y.—Alfred Equip. Co. bldg, destroyed; adj. Times-Union Newspaper pit. damaged. Sampson, N. Y.—Roosevelt Hall, Sampson College Classroom bldg., destroyed. Cleveland, Ohio—Cleveland Motor Freight Terminal destroyed. Columbus, Ohio—Dwelling of Drew J. Watkins, destroyed. Welding torch. Mullens, W. Va.—Bldg., business district, occupied by Consolidated Bus Co.’s ticket and business offices and terminal, and Green A. & P. Tea Co., destroyed. Brockville, Ont.—H. B. Wright restaurant destroyed. Mattawa, Ont.—Town Hall, police station and fire hall destroyed. Orangeville, Ont.—High School destroyed. Chimney sparks. West Blockton, Ala.—Two bldgs, destroyed; three bldgs, damaged. Cape Vincent, N. Y.—Broadway Hotel, Jefferson County, and adj. bldg. occupied by telephone office, theatre, drug store and apt.…

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