New Multi-Use Forcible Entry Tool

Issue 3 and Volume 101.

New Multi-Use Forcible Entry Tool A new, lightweight forcible entry tool has been designed by Hugh A. Halligan, Deputy Chief of the New York Fire Department, which possesses new and original features. It is said to combine attributes of the utilitarian, standard claw tool, and the efficient Kelley tool as well as certain advantages of the ubiquitous pike, or hook, and flat-head axe. The device weighs only 8 1/2 pounds and measures 30 inches in length, it has a forked spade, like a claw tool, at one extremity, and a sharp, pointed hook and an edged blade at the other. During his eighteen years in the department, Chief Halligan has specialized in forcible entry and ventilation operations and the new tool grew out of his own practical experiences and those of the men under his direction. His main objective was to devise an instrument that, while possessing the correct physical…

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