Succession of Large Fires in Philadelphia

Issue 3 and Volume 101.

Succession of Large Fires in Philadelphia In Philadelphia, four major blazes within a twenty-four hour period during the Holiday Season caused damage of over $1,500,000. The most spectacular of these fires, and one of the city’s worst fires in years, destroyed five warehouses covering half a city block before it was controlled after four and a half hours of fight by 300 firemen and forty engine and ladder companies. Housed in the five story brick buildings were an electric company, two shoe manufacturers, and shirts, hosiery, sportswear, gloves and neckwear companies. The records show that the site of the blaze was the scene of three other disastrous fires in the last twenty-five years. The fire started in a large stock of waste on the second floor of the National Sales Company, 119-125 N. Fourth street, and spread rapidly. Intense heat, which made it impossible for firemen to approach nearer than…

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