With the Editor

Issue 4 and Volume 101.

With the Editor Bright Spot on Fire Front To those who see no further than the heavy fire losses and the seemingly losing struggle being waged by the service to control the nation’s fire waste, let us hasten to point out that, statistics to the contrary, the war on the fire front is not being lost. On the contrary, real gains are being made not only in the development of more efficient fire control methods and techniques, and in improved fire extinguishing mediums and equipment, but in the reduction and elimination of fire hazards. One field in which considerable progress is being _____ade is in flameproofing and fireproofing. Science _____ bringing to the aid of the fire service, new pro_____ucts and processes which those who direct today’s fire prevention and fire control must recognize and accept; yes, and recommend. We refer particularly to raw and finished fire-safe material and products…

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