Former Baseball Star a Fire Hero

Issue 4 and Volume 101.

Former Baseball Star a Fire Hero Jack Lawlor, hero of many a major and minor league baseball game, became the hero of a rooming house fire at Ansonia, Conn., on March 1 that caused the life of one man. Awakened by thick smoke Lawlor, one of the roomers, routed out other residents of a downtown rooming house as it was being swept by fire. Lawlor led them to safety and then sprinted in his bare feet over ice-coated sidewalks for a fire alarm box a block away where he sounded the alarm. Lawlor’s hair was badly singed and his face blistered by the heat. Mr. Lawlor, now in his sixties, once played with the Cincinnati Reds of the National League. He ended his active playing career with Omaha in the Western League after many years in the Pacific Coast loop. His last connection with baseball came in 1922 when he…

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