On Tenterhooks!

Issue 4 and Volume 101.

On Tenterhooks! NO, readers, a “tenterhook” is not a new fire tool; but, like the entire country, the fire service itself is on tenterhooks” —in short, on the nervous seat; for these are parlous times. Fire losses continuing upward—fire protection and prevention costs, ditto—forethoughtful fire chiefs are asking: “What will happen if World War III comes? Meantime, the government is speeding preparedness. Atom bomb plants are working on a wartime basis. President Truman has appointed a Director of Civilian Defense Planning, in the person of Russell J. Hopley, of Omaha, to devise defense plans for the home front. It is reported that at the top of those defense plans will be the fire service, in a new strategic set-up, with new authority and new weapons to fight fire. In the light of these and kindred kaleidoscopic developments, is it any wonder that subscriptions to FIRE ENGINEERING are climbing as never…

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