Issue 6 and Volume 101.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firemanic news of the day Fire-Police Chief Has Dual Troubles P. Booker is both Fire and Police Chief of the City of Altherimer, Arkansas. He also sports the “tin” of a Jefferson County Sheriff. Fire-and-Police Chief — and Sheriff Booker recently arrested a farm laborer for drunkenness and lodged him in the local hoosegow, where his charge developed pyromanical tendencies, setting fire to his cell. The one-man fire-and-police-chief, dropping his role as jailer, grabbed his fire hat and hustled to the scene with his firemen and apparatus. Inconsiderately, while the “double-inbrass” chief and his willing workers were making short work of the fire, the prisoner took a short cut to freedom. The fire out (and the unwilling ‘guest’,) the busy Chief chased his fugitive to the city limits, without nailing his man. There, the officer of many jobs quickly donned his Sheriff’s credentials and overhauled…

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