Persons in the News

Issue 6 and Volume 101.

Persons in the News Chief Palmer to Retire Fire Chief W. Hendrix Palmer announced on May 5, 1948, that he had asked to be retired after forty-four years of service with the Charlotte, N. C., Fire Department. Still active after 64 years of age, the veteran chief requests retirement because of impairments to his health. The exact date of his retirement is left with city officials. It is understood the Chief has discussed the details with City Manager Henry A. Yancey and that his request has been filed with Chairman Guy O. Bugwell and members of the Firemen’s Retirement Trustee Board. Under a non-occupational retirement, Chief Palmer would be eligible for three months’ full pay, and continuous halfpay benefits thereafter. Chief Palmer’s name is known and held in high regard throughout the nation’s fire fighting services. For eleven years he has been president of the North Carolina Fire Chiefs Association;…

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