Issue 6 and Volume 101.

GRASS FIRE DEVELOPS INTO COSTLY NEAR CONFLAGRATION Handicapped by Old Equipment, Rockford, III. Firemen, Aided by Neighboring Forces Control Threatening Blaze VIOLATION of the rule of never opening a door in the face of fire was a major contributing factor in a $300,000 fire which leveled a five-story furniture showrooms building, damaged five other buildings and resulted in the death of one man who leaped or fell from a third story window to escape the flames in Rockford, Ill., April 15. A grass fire which ignited rubbish and in turn set fire to frame causeways between two buildings swept into Pierson’s Factory Showrooms when clerks opened doors to see how bad the fire outside was, Fire Chief Wayne E. Swanson said. A 40-mile-an-hour wind drove smoke and flame into the showroom building and in 20 minutes time the fire was so general in the building that Ben Johanson, chief shipping…

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