New York’s “Super” Rescue Unit Well Equipped

Issue 6 and Volume 101.

New York’s “Super” Rescue Unit Well Equipped The new truck recently delivered by Mack Mfg. Corp., Fire Apparatus Division, to the New York Fire Department and now in service as Rescue I, Manhattan, is said to be the costliest, largest, and most completely equipped unit of its kind. Space does not permit itemization of all specifications, but among the hundreds of equipment items are: Radio: Powerful receiving and sending set (Link) with special table for operator. P. A. System: Equipped with hand sets on long cords for remote operation Masks: Scott Air-Pak (6); Mine Safety Appliance All-Purpose (6) M.S.A Rubber Hoods (6). Gas and Liquid Proof Suits (6)i Asbestos Suits (2); Blankets (2). Inhalator, Clark Duplex (5); Carbogen cylinders (10). Banco Portable Gasoline Hammer. Smoke Ejector (Homelite) (2); Air hose, 40 feet. Electric Generator (Homelite) 2500 watt; Flood lights: two 500 and one 250 watt; 3-reels each 100 feet. Portable…

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