Issue 7 and Volume 101.

The ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems WHAT UNIFORMS FOR HOUSE WATCH — AND WHO SUPPLIES THEM? FIRE CHIEFS participating in this Round Table were pretty evenly divided on the subject of special wearing apparel for the house watch. A majority of municipal fire departments, however, insist that the house watchman wear something better than fatigue, or work garments. It is a general custom to differentiate between “regulation” or “dress” uniform and “duty,” “work” or “fatigue” uniforms. Outside the station, personnel are expected to wear the full regulation uniform. On duty, however, various exceptions are made for the comfort of the men. These exceptions may vary according to climate; where it is very warm, men are permitted to wear less and lighter clothing during duty hours. A few departments require the house watchman to wear the regulation uniform coat or tunic and cap,…

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