Bugs Cause False Alarm

Issue 7 and Volume 101.

Bugs Cause False Alarm A pile of dead willow bugs was responsible for a fire alarm on the night of June 27 and as a result four companies of firemen of the Quincy, Ill., department nearly went bugs. For those who have never lived along the Mississippi river, an explanation of a willow bug should be given. The bugs have thin, fuzzy bodies with flimsy transparent wings. They live about 48 hours after birth, which means they must crowd a lot of fun into a short life. Willow bugs are common along the river, and about twice a year the call of the neon from the business district urges them to have their final fling. They infest the district by the millions, fly around bright lights, then flutter to the pavement, dead and stacked in piles. Some die clinging to sides of buildings and windows. Frequently, after an invasion, a…

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