World Wide Fire News

Issue 9 and Volume 101.

World Wide Fire News Fighting Chaplain Cited The fire-fighting chaplain of Giessen, France, Norris T. Morton, was recently honored with a citation from the French Army for his services to the fire departments of Europe during the past two years. Presented in Paris on June 24 by Lt. Col. Maurice Feger, chief of that city’s fire department, the citation was accompanied by an embossed certificate of honorary membership in the Paris Fire Department, an official fire department badge and a silver fireman’s helmet. In presenting the award, Col. Feger said: “There are no foreigners among firemen. We are all one big family, pledged to work for mankind.” Seventy French Army officers, all of whom are connected with the fire department, were present at the ceremony which took place in “Le Chambre d’Honneur” at Paris Fire Department Headquarters on Place JULES-REYARD.-SOUTHWORTH LANCASTER. Radar May Have Set Fire Further evidence on the…

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