Issue 9 and Volume 101.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firemanic news of the day What’s the Law Say About It? Fire Chief Harry W. Knittle, of Kutztown, Pa., made the headlines when he went out to do a bit of high-power vocalizing. Seems he hired a sound truck earlier this year to advertise his services. Residents of the eastern Pennsylvania community were blasted for more’n two hours by the booming bellow of Chief Knittle advising them: “Your fire alarm system is burned out. If you have a fire or other emergency, telephone the Borough Building.” Knittle said the fire house caught fire while the Kutztown company was working on a blaze in a home 10 miles away. As the truck was returning home, firemen heard their own alarm siren shrieking. They speeded up and quickly extinguished the blaze, but the alarm system was burned beyond repair. Incidentally, the top court of the country recently…

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