Persons in the News

Issue 9 and Volume 101.

Persons in the News Kehoe With Atomic Energy Commission Edward J. Kehoe, who has for some time held the position of Fire Marshal for the Third Naval District and administered the post-war safety reorganization of Naval installations in that area, has become associated with the office of New York Directed Operations, U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, as Fire Prevention and Safety Engineer. As a naval officer during the late war, Mr. Kehoe worked on developing the equipment and technique involved in combating the problems of fire at sea. Prior to naval duty, he spent five years with the New York Fire Department and assisted in the organizing and planning of the City’s wartime defenses. He received an engineering degree from Manhattan College. Mr. Kehoe conducts the course in fire protection engineering in the Graduate School of Engineering at New York University and is a member of the International Association of…

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