Wet Water Credited with Quick Dwelling Fire Stop

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

Wet Water Credited with Quick Dwelling Fire Stop Chief Lloyd Layman of Parkersburg, Offers Deductions Based on Recent Personal Experience A SPECIAL REPORT Editor’s Note: One of the difficulties in adequately reporting any radical development in the field of fire control is to secure authentic factual information about it direct from the fire ground as well as the laboratory, and to properly interpret that information. The hard-boiled fire chief likes to reserve judgment on any extinguishing device or agent, or method until he has plenty of facts to support all the theories and claims. More than anything else, he wants “case histories”—records of actual and typical applications of the materials and methods. And the closer these actual cases approach his problems and his needs, the happier he is. FIRE ENGINEERING was the first to introduce wetting agents (and their makers) to the nation’s fire service. Since then it has attempted…

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