Night Fire Patrols in Sydney

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

Night Fire Patrols in Sydney For better supervision of high risks and quick attack on outbreaks of fire, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is to have seven sunset-to-dawn fire patrols operating in specially designed appliances equipped with two-way radio, and in constant contact with the control room at headquarters. Sydney, with the second largest population in the British Commonwealth, is in a fire district that embraces 54 municipalities and shires within its area of 302 sq. miles. Each of the seven special appliances will have a crew of an officer and four men, chosen from various stations in the district and relieved during the night. Each crew, or patrol, will work to timetable, except, of course, when attending an outbreak. If a patrol sees a fire, it will notify the control room by radio and immediately attack. On the other hand, if the control room is notified of an outbreak,…

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