Do Fire Service Communications Measure Up to Modern Needs?

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

Do Fire Service Communications Measure Up to Modern Needs? Critical Study Indicates Improvements in Vital Emergency Communications Are Not Being Accepted and Installed by Fire Service as Quickly as are Advancements in Other Facilities Editor’s Note: Each year for over 70 years, this journal has inventoried the fire service of the nation, taking stock of its assets and liabilities, estimating its future requirements, and recommending progressive steps to bring the service into line with the times. Running current throughout all these studies has been emphasis on fire service communications, and the need for improving them. In retrospect FIRE ENGINEERING was the first to inform the service on improvements in every root and branch of the communications field; further, this journal has actively promoted every new product, principle and policy, whether in wire or electronic communications. This year, reviewing and evaluating communications facilities in the fire service and weighing them against…

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