World Wide Fire News

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

World Wide Fire News RAF Marks “Victory Day”—15 Killed Before a crowd of 15,000 persons at the Battle of Britain air display at the Manston RAF Base, near Margate, Kent, Sept. 18th, a twin-engined Mosquito bomber, performing aerial acrobatics, suddenly dived out of control into a bank of parked cars and cycles, killing ten persons and injuring fourteen, thirteen of them seriously. As the plane struck the first vehicle, it started to burn from nose to tail. The fire spread to the motor cars so swiftly, it trapped occupants who perished in their blazing vehicles; more who were slow in escaping from closed cars or were standing watching the aerial show were injured. The red hot wreckage of the plane rose in the air and fell on persons and vehicles, adding to the tragedy. A thirty-two seat bus was hit and most of the passengers inside were injured. Witnesses said…

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