Issue 10 and Volume 101.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firermanic news of the day The Ubiquitous Volunteer! Harry Brainard, dairy farmer on the Chapman Beach Road, Westbrook, Conn., had more farm hands on April 23 then he ever had before, and probably more than he’ll ever have again—some 60 members of the Westbrook and Old Saybrook Fire Departments. They came to extinguish a fire in Brainard’s cellar, and stayed to help with the milking and to feed his 18 cows in the barn nearby. After aiding Westbrook firemen in dousing the fire, caused by a hot water oil heater, the Old Saybrook volunteers left and returned again with a portable lighting plant to perform their duties as milkmaids, while other firemen finished the job on some coke still smoldering in the cellar. They started milking by hand but soon got the electric milking apparatus in op eration with the aid of a portable generator.…

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