New Hartford Crash Truck Tested

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

New Hartford Crash Truck Tested A newly designed crash truck, which was built by American-LaFrance for Hartford, Conn., was given a comprehensive test at the proving grounds of the builders on August 24. The unit is designed to give protection for the buildings at the Hartford Airport as well as serve as a crash truck. The experience of the Army Air Force was largely drawn upon for the basic design, which emphasizes four factors: All wheel drive to permit off the runway operation in all types of weather. Low flotation pressure to facilitate maneuverability on soft ground. High performance characteristics. Sufficient equipment to permit handling a crash fire facilitating the rescue of the personnel. In addition to the above requirements, there was also the problem of supplying adequate water for Class A fires such as might occur in buildings on the field or adjacent areas where the truck might also…

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