Television—Blessing or Bane to the Fire Service

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

Television—Blessing or Bane to the Fire Service Either Way, Nation’s Fastest Crowing Industry Presents Fire Service With New Problems A FIRE ENGINEERING SPECIAL REPORT Editor’s Note: Does television, electronic giant of the times, offer new or special fire hazards? Does this new product and new industry portend new headaches for the fire service? If you believe the radio industry, the answer is “no.” Television, they insist, is safer than good old-fashioned radio. If you accept the judgment of fire officers who have come to grips with this electronic wonder on the fire ground, you’ll want to know more about video, and all it means as friend or foe of firemen. Thus far, little has been written about television from the fire fighter’s standpoint. As a forerunner to the televison bibliography to be, FIRE ENGINEERING is pleased to submit this study, with accounts of actual fires involving television receivers and studios.…

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