New Fire Training Film

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

New Fire Training Film A new motion picture film dealing with hose evolutions and hose line equipment has been recently announced. It is the current project of the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association and the sponsor, the Wooster Brass Company, manufacturers of hose brass goods. “From the beginning,” reports Bill Ferrie, President of the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association, “members of our Association and representatives of the Wooster Brass Company felt that a film of the training type would serve as a valuable aid to instructors and fire departments all over the country.” John C. Schellin, President of the Wooster Brass Company, in discussing the project with the Ohio Fire Chief’s Association, said, “Our company, in undertaking the sponsorship of this film, realizes that few, if any, training films are available to the profession. We hope that this film, made in cooperation with your Association, will become a useful tool for all…

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