Issue 10 and Volume 101.

FALSE ALARMS A Thorough Search Lots of things had mysteriously disappeared from the fire station, so the Captain sent for the housewatch, who was a native of the Irish Free State. Look here, he said, “If anything more goes, just stop the men as they are leaving at change of platoon, and search them.” About a week later the Captain happened to come down on the apparatus floor at platoon-changing time. There was the housewatch with all the men lined up. “Take your coats off!” he ordered in an aggressive tone. “What’s disappeared, now?” whispered the Captain. “A roof ladder,” was the husky reply. “I’ve just arrived at a certain place but I can’t tell you where.” the soldier wrote his folks at home. “However, I can tell you this much, I just shot a Polar Bear.” “I’ve been transferred from where 1 was when I last wrote you,” he…

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