U. S. Charts 50-Year Atomic Defense

Issue 10 and Volume 101.

U. S. Charts 50-Year Atomic Defense A 50-year defense program has been drafted by the United States high command, it was disclosed early in October. The plans are based on the belief that Russia will have the atomic bomb by 1952 and that continent-jumping rockets will be ready by 1977. Army, Navy and Air Forces believe atomic age defense needs will develop in three civilization-threatening phases during the next half century. They will ask the next Congress for $15 billion to spend on the first defense phase in 1950. The three phases are (1) From now until 1952, when Russia will have the atomic bomb and, while our nation can develop overwhelming superiority in the air and at sea, we’ll have difficulty competing with the Soviet land power. Phase 2, from 1952 to 1977—the critical period, with Russia and perhaps other countries developing atomic weapons and long-range strategic air forces…

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