With the Editor

Issue 11 and Volume 101.

With the Editor Increase in Set Fires There are two general kinds of set fires: those set for profit or gain, and those set out of general cussedness. Of the two, the latter appear, at least at present, to be in the majority. We have no concrete evidence to prove it, but from the reports that cross our desk daily, it is our considered judgment that set fires are on the increase. And by “set” fires, we mean those in both the beforementioned categories. We have always believed that if the truth were only known, the nation, and that includes the fire service, would be appalled at the number of fires which presently are classed as of unknown, or of doubtful origin, but which are deliberately started. We do not mean set by carelessness or accident, but by intent. Unfortunately, however, the fire service has suspicions. Fire Commissioner Quayle of…

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