How Firemen Can Aid in the Reduction of Arson

Issue 11 and Volume 101.

How Firemen Can Aid in the Reduction of Arson THERE are no accidental fires. All are due to ignorance or carelessness and could have been foreseen and prevented, or they were intentionally started. There is a direct ratio between the percentage of incendiary and suspicious fires in a given community and the extent to which causes are fully investigated. Consequently, these percentages vary considerably between localities and from year to year. But of greater concern is the relatively high percentage of fires listed as due to undetermined causes, any portion of which may have been successful arsons. If we have not found the origin, we cannot say it was one of the acts of negligence or carelessness usually called an accident. Arson is a vicious and destructive crime. Originally it was defined as the “malicious burning of the dwelling house of another” and was punishable by death. That was before…

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