Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 11 and Volume 101.

Short Cuts and Gadgets NOZZLE FOR DUMP FIRES One of the problems of controlling the ubiquitous dump fire has been to get water down deep into the burning and smoldering material. Boring into the gookum with a high pressure stream and wetting down the surface with heavy spray usually fails to do the job. All in all, the common, garden variety of municipal dump fire is cussedness personified. Now comes Capt. John Marquart, of Kankakee, Ill., with an idea for a special nozzle which he built to help overcome these drawbacks. But let him tell it in his own words: “Here’s a photograph of a nozzle we use on all dump fires. We average from five to ten dump fires a month and our regula.r nozzle proved inadequate. Whenever we attempted to bury the nozzle to get to the bottom of a fire we found that our regular shut off…

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