Fire Protection News

Issue 12 and Volume 101.

Fire Protection News CHICAGO, ILL.—A summer long controversy over the purchase of fireboats for the Chicago Fire Department was reported ended in October as a subcommittee on mechanical equipment of the City Council finance committee decided to recommend the purchase of two fireboats. A bid to supply the craft at a cost of $512,000 had been made by a Sturgeon Bay, Wis., firm. This expendit-ure, it is said, will nearly exhaust the balance of $518,990 left from the 1947 bond issue of $1 1/2 million for purchase of fire equipment. Opposition to Fire Commissioner Michael J. Corrigan’s plans to buy two new boats was offered by the finance committee chairman who urged that one boat he bought, and this a $20,000 war surplus vessel. The Mayor had a survey made by a firm of industrial engineers, whose report declared that two fireboats should be added to the one already in…

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