Wartime Fire Protection in Industrial Areas

Issue 12 and Volume 101.

Wartime Fire Protection in Industrial Areas OUR EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENT This enlightening review of experiences in German industrial areas during the war, and particularly when subjected to air raids, clearly illustrated the futility of doing a half-way job in providing fire protection to exposed areas. If wartime fires, caused by enemy action, are to be brought under control, adequate forces of trained fire fighters, sufficient apparatus, adequate water supply, and fire resistive construction are indispensable. Furthermore, authorities cannot wait until the eleventh hour to make these provisions. At this time of international tension, this article should prove of unusual interest to the forward-looking public official. —The Editor IN ADDITION to the experience gained in civil defense and fire protection during World War II in German cities and towns, additional events were observed in factories and industrial plants. One of the largest and most important plants was the Witkowitz Iron Works near…

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