World Wide Fire News

Issue 12 and Volume 101.

World Wide Fire News British Nitrate Explosion Tests In October, the British Admiralty said that it had been unable to make ammonium nitrate, blamed for the Texas City disaster on April 16, 1947, explode under extreme heat. The Admiralty is quoted as saying it conducted tests with free-flowing ammonium nitrate, the presumed cause of the first blast aboard the French ship “Grandcamp” in the Texas harbor, on the Island of Dune, Helgoland, in the North Sea. In the four-day tests, 240 tons of ammonium nitrate, some in paper bags and the remainder in drums, were placed in bunkers and barges and subjected to “intense and prolonged heat” and, according to Admiralty reports, “in no case was there any evidence of detonation or explosion taking place.” The quotations from the report do not provide sufficient data to indicate the degree of comparison between the Admiralty tests, and the known pre-explosion conditions…

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