U. L. Tests of Extinguishers Show Fire Fighting Qualities

Issue 1 and Volume 102.

U. L. Tests of Extinguishers Show Fire Fighting Qualities Practical Fire Extinguishing Operations Determine Effectiveness of Different Units WHEN fire extinguishers are tested by the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., for approval, the tests are not confined to the construction and functioning of the units as commonly believed. Instead, ability to control fires within their scope is also determined by employing them on “standard” test fires. While the Laboratoyies have a wide variety of fire tests that are used from time to time, on extinguishers that have been well standardized, they generally check fire extinguishing capacity by using two, three or four types of fires as conditions dictate. All of the fire tests are run indoors, where conditions can be fairly well controlled for reproductability. As to the maximum time allowed for fire extinguishment, this is a function of the extinguisher characteristics. The Laboratories expect that the fire will be extinguished by…

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