“Necessary” for the New Year

Issue 1 and Volume 102.

“Necessary” for the New Year ONE of the big problems in the life of a fireman is the fact that no one can foretell just what’s going to happen either in the number or extent or kind of fire emergencies he will be called on to face. One thing he does know, however: he must be prepared and equipped for any and every crisis. For over 67 years, FIRE ENGINEERING has been fortifying the fire service, to anticipate and meet these emergencies. Just how well it has done this is best told in the following message, written on a recent single renewal for 46 subscriptions to FIRE ENGINEERING, from one of the outstanding fire departments of the nation: Reason (for renewal): This publication contains the latest methods and practices for the prevention and suppression of fires. Inasmuch as we endeavor at all times to keep our personnel appraised as to…

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