Convention Dates

Issue 2 and Volume 102.

Convention Dates Mar. 4-5—ASSOCIATION FOR FORMER U. S. NAVY, COAST GUARD AND MARINE CORPS FIREFIGHTERS. DISTRICT No. 1 Annual meeting. 40 and 8 Hall, 421 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis. Ind. Vice-President. William Yunger. 1706 North Narragansett. Chicago, Ill. May 5-7—KANSAS STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting. Emporia. Kans. Secretary, Loren R. Bass. 3000 West 18th Street. Topeka, Kans. May 9-12—ASSOCIATION OF CANADIAN FIRE MARSHALS and DOMINION FIRE PREVENTION ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting, Regina, Sask. For information contact W. L. Clairmont, Dominion Fire Commissioner, Ottawa. Ont. May 16-19—NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting. San Francisco. Cal. General Manager. Percy Bugbee, 60 Batterymarch Street, Boston. Mass. May 23-27—ARSON INVESTIGATORS’ SEMINAR. Annual meeting. Purdue University. Lafayette, Ind. Director, Professor J. L. Lingo, Public Safety Institute. Purdue University, Lafayette. Ind. June 5-8—NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATION OF FIRE. CHIEFS. Annual meeting. Syracuse N. Y. Secretary-Treasurer. Chief Henry F. Drake, Clinton Corners, N. Y. June 14-17—ILLINOIS FIRE COLLEGE.…

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