New York Plans Pier Protection

Issue 2 and Volume 102.

New York Plans Pier Protection A program to increase New York City’s pier protection has been submitted to Mayor William O’Dwyer by G. Joseph Minetti, Commissioner of Marine and Aviation of that city. The project, estimated to cost $2,500,000, is expected to produce cuts of up to 75 per cent in Pier insurance. According to Commissioner Minetti, the improvements should be well under way by the middle of 1949. The Commissioner reported that 110 city-owned piers will require almost completely new fire protection facilities, while nineteen are considered to be adequately protected and twenty-one, partly protected. The protection program in shedded piers calls for installations of fire stops in substructure accessible to standpipe hose outlets; six and one-half inch circular openings in pie.r decks every 25 feet; six approved distributor nozzles for each pier; sealing off bulkhead platforms between adjoining piers, and special installations for piers handling vegetable fibres in…

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