Automatic Alarm Credited with Saving Old Hotel

Issue 2 and Volume 102.

Automatic Alarm Credited with Saving Old Hotel Some time ago the Greenwood House, combination hotel and stores, of Greenwood Lake, N. Y., installed what was then a new automatic heat actuated fire detection and alarm system. The proprietors of the 20-room 50-year-old structure, as well as the storekeepers were concerned lest fire wipe out their holdings, as it had previously done to another structure at almost the same location. Members of the Greenwood Lake Fire Department, Chief Fred Christman, also displayed interest in the system which was equally new to them. The particular system installed consists of an audible and visible alarm device mounted on the exterior of the hotel, in turn connected to thermostatic heat detectors, so located as to best protect the property. This alarm system operates on the temperature-rise principle, the thermostats breaking a circuit when the temperature reaches a prescribed limit (in the case of the…

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