News of the Manufacturers

Issue 2 and Volume 102.

News of the Manufacturers Scott Senior and Junior Sling Air Paks Scott Aviation Corporation, Safety Equipment Division, has introduced two additional models of its breathing equipment having special interest for fire fighters. These are known as Scott Air-Pak Senior Sling Pack, “6000-B4” and Scott Air-Pak Junior Sling Pack, “6000-B1, B3.” Both are portable and incorporate practically all of the features of the larger, standard Scott Air-Pak. They also have Bureau of Mines approval. The Senior Scott Air-Park is charged to 1800#, has duration of 15 minutes at extreme exertion and weighs, worn, 18#. The Junior Scott Air-Pak (not illustrated but generally similar to the Senior type) is charged to 1800#; duration is 7 minufes at extreme exertion, and the weight, as worn is 12#. These and other Scott Air-Pak types arc pictured and described in a new booklet #510, available upon application. Film on Use of Wet Water “Fire-Fighting with…

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