Issue 2 and Volume 102.

MANOA VOLUNTEERS HAVE NOVEL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM Selective Notification of Members of Alarms Accomplished Over Leased Wires TUCKED away down in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, in the Greater Philadelphia area, is the little community of Manoa, population about 3,000. Manoa boasts one of the most up-to-the-minute volunteer fire departments of the volunteers-conscious Keystone State. In personnel, equipment, and quarters, the Manoa Volunteer Fire Department is outstanding. But in one respect, at least, it is unique, if not exclusively so. That is in its method of alerting its active members. Manoa firemen, like those of most progressive volunteer organizations, have never been content with the old orthodox bell or siren calling system, even if operated in some sort of code. But while most vamps have done nothing about it, the Manoa lads went to work on the problem with the net result that they came up with one of the simplest, most speedy…

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