Abbreviated Edition of N.B.F.U. Code

Issue 4 and Volume 102.

Abbreviated Edition of N.B.F.U. Code An abbreviated edition of the 1949 National Building Code, prepared for municipalities which feel that their needs can be cared for by a briefer code than the National Building Code, has been prepared by the National Board of Fire Underwriters, 85 John St., New York 7. Municipal officials, and any persons concerned with building construction, may obtain single copies of the abbreviated code without charge. Any community adopting the code will be supplied with 50 copies without charge and as many additional copies as may be desired for a nominal charge less than the cost of publication. The abbreviated code provides the same safety standards as the National Building Code. Like it, the abbreviated code is a performance code, and insofar as practicable, within the limits of public safety, permits the use of any material, type of assembly or style of architecture that meets the…

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