Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 4 and Volume 102.

Short Cuts and Gadgets NAVY IDEA TO PREVENT OVERHEAD DOOR ACCIDENTS Some time ago FIRE ENGINEERING published an account of the fatal injuries received by a tillerman of a ladder truck when his head struck an overhead door. This message was taken to heart by the Headquarters, Fifth Naval District, Norfolk, Va., which found at least a partial solution for the prevention of such accidents. In the words of Francis L. Brannigan. Assistant Fire Marshal, “having read of the unfortunate death of the tillerman . . . because of the fact that an overhead door did not fully open, we have installed a strip of cat’s eye reflectors across the bottom of the door used by our aerial truck. When the door is fully open the cat’s eyes cannot be seen. If they are visible, they immediately indicate to the officer, chauffeur and tillerman the fact that the door is…

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