Issue 4 and Volume 102.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firemanic news of the day Lucky Dog! There is a “lucky dog” somewhere in Paterson, N. J., at this moment who can thank Mrs. Robert Beckingham, of that city, for saving his life. Nobody knows his name, according to Deputy Chief G. Hobart Strathearn, of the Paterson Fire Department, who tells the tale, but he belonged to the night watchman of the Dunrite Laundry at the time. On January 15 last, a two-alarm fire in the laundry gave Paterson firemen a tough workout, and resulted in the canine being trapped in the burning structure, where he was overcome by smoke. Firemen found the dog unconscious and removed him from the building. He was at once taken in hand by Mrs. Beckingham, who lives nearby, and who, luckily for the unnamed animal, is employed by the Paterson Chapter of the Red Cross, and is up on…

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