Flint Lighter Causes Blast

Issue 4 and Volume 102.

Flint Lighter Causes Blast Fumes, which had been escaping from a small bung in a 50-gallon drum of paint thinner in an auto body repair and paint shop in Portland, Ore., weye ignited when the proprietor, Ralph Muhler, carelessly attempted to light an acetylene torch nearby, resulting in an explosion which rocked the neighborhood, and killed the proprietor. A youthful helper, who had been called from the shop a moment befoye, emerged unhurt. It was disclosed upon investigation that the drum had been setting in the sun, where the heat accelerated vaporization. The blast hurled the owner out of the shop onto the sidewalk, smashed windows and the resultant fire scorched the interior. Burning paint thinner was spewed over the interior of the small shop and flames shot into the street. An auto on which Muhler was working was destroyed and another one damaged. The Portland Fire Department quickly extinguished…

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