Fire-Fighting Sheriff

Issue 4 and Volume 102.

Fire-Fighting Sheriff A Survey of Boulder County, Colorado—One of the Nation’s Most Rugged Areas—Where the Sheriff Handles Rural Fire Calls BY a statute passed in 1903, the State of Colorado officially placed Sheriffs in the position of fire wardens for their respective counties. It was a fairly unique move, considering the usual establishments for rural fire fighting throughout the nation; and since the statute is merely a statement of responsibility, it has led to equally unique solutions in each of Colorado’s 63 counties. Up in Boulder county which ranks seventh in the state for population, the solution is geared to a friendly, highly effective form of co-operation among Sheriff’s deputies, ranchers and the professional firemen retained by the county’s two major cities. The city fire department in the county seat (also named “Boulder”) not only mans, maintains and garages the county apparatus, but uses it when city emergencies demand. A…

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