Issue 8 and Volume 102.

FALSE ALARMS Cause for Celebration The veteran road driver was having a string of tough luck. In five successive attempts to get on regular runs with established motor carriers, he had been notified on the 15th and last day of his probationary employment period, that he had failed to make the grade fosafety reasons or otherwise. It was nearing midnight on his 15th day with the sixth carrier who had given him trial employment. When the clock struck twelve and there was no notice of dismissal he would be in permanently. Nervously he paced the floor of his apartment while his wife sat anxiously by. At 11:50 P.M. they were preparing to celebrate when the blow fell. A Western Union boy handed them a telegram. The heartbroken driven opened the wire with trembling hands, but suddenly he gave a wild cry of relief. “Darling!” he shouted to his wife, “your…

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