College Bell Tower Razed by Fire

Issue 8 and Volume 102.

College Bell Tower Razed by Fire Seattle, Wash., firemen, on the morning of May 24, were faced with a situation that well illustrates the hazard created by one highly combustible structure in an otherwise normal district. The section of the University district of Seattle known as Fraternity Row, is a district of Fraternity, Sorority, boarding houses and private homes; extending North from East 45th Street to East 55th Street; and East from 15th Avenue N.E. to 22nd Avenue N.E. Most of the buildings in this district are large two and three story frame, many having combustible roofs. Many of them are overcrowded, housing as many as fifty students in one building. The combustible structure that caused all the trouble was ‘The Chimes.’ an historic landmark on the University of Washington campus. Located near the corner of 17th Ave. N.E. and East 45th street, The Chimes was an old wooden structure…

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