Fire Engineering Is Habit Forming!

Issue 8 and Volume 102.

Fire Engineering Is Habit Forming! ONLY a few years ago water fog was an unknown quantity to readers of FIRE ENGINEERING. Now, nearly every fire department carries fog fire-fighting equipment— and uses it habitually. Only a few years ago fire department radio was limited to those cities having fireboats. Today, any city can have its own independent radio frequency, and radio fire communications have become an indispensable habit in every progressive department. Yesterday, wet water was only a physicist’s dream. Today, its use is rapidly becoming a habit with forward-thinking chiefs. Have you ever wondered how these, and other habit-forming techniques and “tools” of the fire fighter, came about? If you have, you’ve found that somewhere along the line from “rumor-stage” to “habit-formingstage,” FIRE ENGINEERING’S editorial and advertising contents have shown the way and sown the seed. Incidentally, it’s become a habit for the fire service to watch for and…

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