Propane Gas Blankets Area

Issue 11 and Volume 102.

Propane Gas Blankets Area Escaping gas laid an earth-clinging fog over a section of the city of Salisbury, N. C., Monday, September 26, for more than six hours. Salisbury fire department stood by until the danger was past. A leak in the Duke Power company’s 15,000 gallon propane gas tank was repaired in the early afternoon. The heavier-than-air gas, highly explosive, had covered the earth to a depth of several feet in some spots. City firemen were called on to stand by in case the explosive cloud was ignited immediately after the break occurred about 8 a.m. Two fire trucks stood ready with lines connected until the leak was finally repaired at 2.20 p.m. Firemen and power company officials found it necessary to evacuate two families from their homes adjacent to the tank. Guards were posted in a perimeter surrounding the tank to keep out people with lighted cigarettes and…

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