Issue 3 and Volume 103.

CHRISTMAS TREE BLAZE STARTS CONFLAGRATION-TWO DEAD Firemen From Four States Struggle To Save Hyndman, Pa., in Costly Day-Long Blaze A Staff Report Editor’s Note: The Christmas Day fire in Hyndman, Pa., described in this report was one of the most destructive, fatal Christmas fires of the past decade. It was fought by firemen of four states and it emphasized the fact that, despite nationwide fire prevention efforts, the potentially deadly Christmas tree is still with us. FIRE: ENGINEERING is indebted to the many correspondents who submitted data on this fire. Special acknowledgment is made to Cromwell Zembower, President, Alleghany and Garret Counties’ Volunteer Firemen’s Association, LaValle, Md., for information on the work of 17 fire units (including two ambulances) from his association which operated at the fire. CHRISTMAS, 1949, was highlighted by the destruction by fire of most of the business section of the Bedford County community of Hyndman, Pa.…

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