Veterans Hospital Fire Protection

Issue 4 and Volume 103.

Veterans Hospital Fire Protection The recent St. Elizabeth’s Mental Ward, Mercy Hospital fire, and those that have preceeded it, raise the question how well are government hospitals protected against like disasters? A partial answer is found in the U.S. Veterans Hospital at Walla Walla, Wash., where the fire department under the direction of Frank Maddux, Fire Marshal, has been carrying out fire prevention and protection programs over a long period. Some of these activities have previously been described in FIRE ENGINEERING. In the hospital itself the factors which have contributed to other hospital fires, such as lack of fire stops and first aid fire fighting equipment, and ignorance of its use, have received considerable at tention. All facilities are inspected thoroughly each week by the fire department and, in addition, nightly checks of all buildings are made. Moreover, people at the hospital are given periodic instruction in turning in alarms…

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